Weight training is an important element in weight management...Resistance training is where it's at!

When I was struggling to lose weight and keep it off I was doing lots of cardio. Sometimes twice a day. 

For years I thought I had to become a runner and eat dry salads to reach my fitness goals. I would wake up, roll out of the bed and lace up my sneakers and go for a jog. While it was a good way to start my day it wasn’t helping me get any closer to the lean, toned, and fit look I was after.

Plus, I hated it.

From the first time I saw Angela Basset’s arms, I was amazed. I had ab envy when Janet Jackson flaunted her abs in the I Bet You music video.

I read articles about resistance training in popular fitness magazines. But I didn’t really understand how to incorporate it into my life. It wasn’t until I saw strong, fit women such as Massy Arias, Jamie Eason Middleton, and Lita Lewis lifting heavy weights on Instagram that I was convinced weight training was where it’s at.


When you think of resistance training do you typically think of crowded gyms, bodybuilders, barbells and squat racks? I know I did.  

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, resistance or strength training is any form of exercise that is meant to improve muscular fitness against external resistance.


Resistance training does include free weight training with barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells. But it isn’t lifting weights exclusively. It also includes bodyweight, bands, medicine balls and machines. Or, anything else that can provide resistance such as water jugs, sand bags or soup cans.

gym time

I prefer to use free weights (most of the time) but I also enjoy adding resistance bands, battle ropes, and weight sleds to my workouts too – when I can.


If you love running and cardio, more power to you. But if you want to burn fat, tone up (build lean muscle) and feel confident in your skin and the gym then resistance training is where it’s at.

There are many healthy benefits to resistance training regularly. Resistance training burns fat maintains lean muscle mass and improves metabolic capacity. Meaning, resistance training not only helps with weight loss but also helps you achieve that fit, toned look most of us are after.

As an added bonus it also helps you feel strong, sexy and more confident too!


I said the same thing when I first started my journey. As I mention in my book, Better After Baby, I naively thought lifting weights for 3 months would somehow turn me into the “She Hulk.” If only it were that easy to build muscle and burn fat.

What I’ve learned is that it takes a lot of work to look like a female bodybuilder so it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever get there by lifting weights 3-4 times a week, especially in the beginning. For the most part, women lack the amount of testosterone needed to “look like a man.”

I’ll admit I’m probably a little bias but weight training was not only the key to my transformation but did I mention it also makes you feel strong, sexy, and more confident?

Believe it or not, resistance training also made me a better runner too.  As I got stronger I got better at it and enjoyed it more as well. So as it turns out I don’t hate running after all.

Are you ready to add resistance training to your fitness regimen? Grab a copy of my book Better After Baby for a great resistance training program to get you started…Don’t you want to feel strong, sexy and more confident?  


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