My Fit Mom Story

January 2014, as a new mom of two under two, I began working out to lose the last of the forty-five plus pounds I gained during back-to-back pregnancies. After being pregnant for almost two years I was determined to get my body back and get in the best shape of my life for my thirtieth birthday.

While I was pregnant I read every article I could find on weight loss, resistance training, and post-natal fitness. I also spent countless hours on Instagram and Facebook to find other moms and women who transformed their bodies through diet and exercise.

If they could do it, I could too!

Although my motivation was high, actually doing the work was hard.

I started walking everyday. Then I joined a gym.

As it turned out, the gym was hosting a 90-Day Fitness Challenge. I thought it would be the perfect program to help me reach my fit mom goals and could provide the tools I needed to make it happen.

Over the course of the challenge, I lost a total of sixteen pounds and about six percent body fat. I actually weighed less than I did before having my first child. I went from a flabby 14 to a strong, confidence size six. I was extremely happy with my weight loss; but I was even more proud that I accomplished my goals despite all of the challenges I faced as a stay at home mom of two under two.

Completing the challenge helped me realize I could set a goal and with a little determination and commitment accomplish anything!

Sure, I had to make a few sacrifices – mostly sleep since I could only workout after the kids went to bed – but I never regretted a single workout or healthy meal. Getting out of the house and going to the gym is now my time to step away and recharge to focus on myself and my goals.

Yes, I’m a mother and wife but I’m also an athlete, weightlifter, runner and obstacle course racer. I am stronger than I imagined and more confident too!


As I start the next phase of my fit mom journey, I hope to inspire and motivate other moms to live a healthy, fit lifestyle they love too! For more on what I did and exactly how I did it, snag a copy of my book Better After Baby.